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MARTIN'S Frequently Asked Questions:


How many stores does MARTIN’S currently operate?
We operate 177 stores in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland and West Virginia under the names of GIANT and MARTIN’S. All of our stores in Virginia operate under the name of MARTIN’S. The first MARTIN’S opened in 1984 in Winchester so we’ve been in Virginia for 26 years.

Will you continue to have a local presence in Richmond?
Yes! All 3,600 store associates have been hired and Jim Scanlon, a former Ukrop’s associate with 38 years of experience in the grocery industry, has been named Regional Vice President in charge of the stores in Richmond and Williamsburg.

Is Giant-Carlisle (GIANT/MARTIN’S) the same grocery store chain that used to operate Giant Foods in Richmond?
No, the Giant of Maryland Division of Ahold USA is a sister division that operates Giant stores in Maryland, Washington DC, Delaware and Virginia. While the two divisions share the same parent company and share best practices, the stores are managed separately and have different in-store offerings.


Why are the stores being re-named MARTIN’S?
The stores are being branded to align with the other MARTIN’S stores in Virginia. Although the name is changing, MARTIN’S plans to continue to build on the strong name and heritage Ukrop’s has created in the Richmond and Williamsburg communities.

What exactly will change in my store?
As the stores re-open under the MARTIN’S banner, we will be introducing some of the unique characteristics our stores are known for, such as quality, service and savings for a total value shopping experience. All MARTIN’S stores will be open on Sundays and will carry both beer and wine.

Will anything at the stores remain unchanged?
The same friendly associates will be in the stores to provide you with the exceptional customer service you have come to expect from them. They will also be on hand to carry your groceries to your car – and you don’t have to ask!

MARTIN’S will continue to feature Ukrop’s Kitchen and Bakery products including family favorites such as rainbow cookies and White House rolls.

Will the stores be open on Sundays?
Yes! When stores reopen as MARTIN’S, they will be open on Sundays.

Will the stores sell beer and wine?
Yes! When the stores reopen as MARTIN’S, they will sell beer and wine.

Why have these changes been made?
MARTIN’S has been listening to customers about what they would like to see remain the same, and also about what should change. We know that you have strong feelings about what you like at your local Ukrop’s, but that you are also ready for some changes.

Will prices increase?
No! MARTIN’S has a strong tradition of offering competitively low prices to our customers. In fact, savings is a big part of what we do. We offer our customers many ways to save both inside our stores and at the gas pumps. Our BONUSCARD is the key to savings and there is no cost for signing up!

Is MARTIN’S committed to supporting local community organizations?
Just like at Ukrop’s, community engagement is a high priority for MARTIN’S. In fact, 2009 was MARTIN’S largest charitable donation year ever, with $15.8 million in combined cash and product contributions donated to charitable organizations. Giving at MARTIN’S is concentrated around improving the well-being of children and eradicating hunger.

Will MARTIN’S double manufacturer’s coupons? If so, at what value?
Yes! MARTIN’S will double manufacturer’s coupons every day of the week. Please check with your local store for value limits.

Will there be similar coupons/promotional offers?
Yes! MARTIN’S will offer similar promotions and coupons as Ukrop’s has offered in the past.

Will MARTIN’S continue to offer a 33% discount on meats/fish/deli items?
No, MARTIN’S will no longer offer a 33% discount on “out-dated” meats/fish/deli items.


Will any Ukrop’s stores be permanently closed?
No! MARTIN’S does not intend to close any of the 25 stores. In fact, we are investing millions of dollars to freshen up the stores to improve the overall shopping experience.

How many stores are undergoing remodels?
All 25 former Ukrop’s stores in the Greater Richmond and Williamsburg communities will undergo remodels.

Why is this investment being made?
We are making this investment to improve the overall shopping experience in our stores. The extent of the remodels and addition of new amenities will vary by store, but all stores will be upgraded with new décor, improved lighting and refrigeration, and new technology. Stores (and bathrooms) will be thoroughly cleaned, painted and updated.

What is the reasoning behind the temporary store closings?
The stores will be temporarily closed on a rotating basis for no more than one week. No more than four to five stores will be temporarily closed at a time. We’ve carefully created the schedule of store closures so that you’ll have a nearby store to visit while your neighborhood store is closed. We want customers to continue to shop with us during the conversion process so they will find terrific incentives to continue shopping at nearby stores while their primary store is being converted to MARTIN’S.

How will I know when my store is closing and reopening?
We’ll use all kinds of ways to communicate with customers including weekly advertising, radio, in-store signage, and communications to top shoppers.

Will I still be able to access Union First Market Bank and the pharmacy while the stores are being remodeled?
Yes! Union First Market Bank branches and the pharmacies will remain open, even while the stores are closed for renovations.


Will I continue to see the same store manager and friendly associates at my store?
Yes, MARTIN’S has hired all 3,600 store associates. These store teams are highly experienced and run their stores exceptionally well. We have been doing everything we can to make sure they are warmly welcomed into the MARTIN’S family of associates.

Will MARTIN’S still carry Ukrop’s brand products?
MARTIN’S will continue to sell products from Ukrop’s Kitchen and Bakery so customers can still get their favorite prepared foods and bakery items. You’ll even see “Featuring Ukrop’s Kitchen and Bakery” on the front of the store!

Will MARTIN’S keep Ukrop’s recipes (chicken cobbler, White House Rolls, Duchess Potatoes Casserole, meatloaf and other beloved deli and/or bakery items)?
Yes! MARTIN’S will continue to sell products from Ukrop’s Kitchen and Bakery that use the same recipes so customers can still get their favorite prepared foods and bakery items. You’ll even see “Featuring Ukrop’s Kitchen and Bakery” on the front of the store!

Will MARTIN’S continue to offer, expand and improve on the Café and prepared foods area?
MARTIN’S will continue to offer the Café and prepared foods area that our customers have come to know and love. Offerings are reviewed on a regular basis in order to expand and improve upon the experience.

Will MARTIN’S continue to buy produce from local farmers (e.g. Hanover tomatoes and local peaches)?
Yes! MARTIN’S has a strong commitment to local vendors and will continue to carry many local and regional products, including produce, in all of our stores. Customers can continue to look for the “Local Route” program featuring local producers.

Will I still be able to buy the Richfood brand?
No. As the stores convert, they will be converted to our family of popular store brands including Giant, Guaranteed Value, Nature’s Promise and CareOne.

Will MARTIN’S continue to take special orders (e.g. special bakery items/requests, discounts on bulk order items and gluten-free products)?
We believe you will enjoy our expanded selection of products, however, if you are looking for a specific product and cannot find it, we encourage you to request it at the Customer Service desk. All requests will be reviewed and you will be notified as to whether or not your request is able to be accommodated. MARTIN’S will not be offering special discounts on bulk order items.

Will I still be able to buy Joe's Market brand products?
We will be phasing out Joe's Market products. As stores convert, MARTIN’S will introduce its family of popular store brands including Giant, Guaranteed Value, Nature’s Promise, and CareOne.

Are there any changes slated for the in-store pharmacies?
There are pharmacies in 19 stores, all of which will continue to operate as usual with the same knowledgeable pharmacists. Pharmacies will remain open during the conversion process for your convenience.

What will happen with the in-store Union First Market Bank branches?
The 23 Union First Market Bank branches that are currently in Ukrop’s will continue to operate as usual. Banks will remain open during the conversion process for your convenience.

What will happen to the fuelperks! program?
MARTIN’S works hard to make sure our customers save both inside the store and at the gas pumps with our enormously popular gas savings program called Gas Extra Rewards. By shopping at any MARTIN’S in the Greater Richmond market, customers will be able to receive a discount the next time they fill up their gas tanks at nearly 40 participating Uppy’s locations. Customers will not lose any discounts they accumulated as part of the Ukrop’s fuelperks! program.

How will you conduct alcohol sales?
Our cashiers ID every customer regardless of age by asking for a valid drivers’ license. If you are 21 or older you will be able to purchase alcohol.

Will you still carry my groceries to my car?
You bet! MARTIN’S associates will continue to bag your groceries and carry them to your car…and you don’t need to ask!

Can I still find products in the same aisles as before?
Customers will certainly recognize their stores and will be able to find most items in the approximate aisle where they are accustomed to finding them.

Is MARTIN’S installing self check-outs?
We are investing millions in new ways to make shopping easier, including increasing the number of self check-outs per store and adding self check-outs to additional stores. Our friendly associates will still be available for those wishing not to utilize the self check-outs.


What will happen to my Ukrop’s Valued Customer card?
MARTIN’S has a very strong loyalty card program. In the coming weeks, customers will be able to sign-up for their free MARTIN’S BONUSCARD, which will take the place of Ukrop’s card. We are working hard to ensure there is no interruption in service or savings as the transition is made.

How does the BONUSCARD Work?
Simply present your BONUSCARD or key tag to the cashier who will scan it at the beginning of the order to receive discounts and rewards. It does not provide a sufficient form of identification for check cashing purposes where a driver’s license is required.

How do I get a BONUSCARD?
Visit the customer service center at any store to apply for a BONUSCARD. There is no cost for a BONUSCARD and the signup process takes just a few minutes. You’ll receive your new card immediately and be able to use it right away. Additionally, customers can apply for their new BONUSCARD online by clicking here. You’ll even be able to print a temporary card to use in-store until your permanent card set arrives in the mail.

Will I need a photo ID to sign up for a BONUSCARD?
No photo ID is required for sign up, however, when applying in-store we will ask to scan your driver’s license in order to speed up the registration process.

Can other members of my household use my BONUSCARD?
When you sign-up for a MARTIN’S BONUSCARD, you'll receive one card and two key tags with the same BONUSCARD account number. These cards can be shared by any member of your household or they may apply for their own BONUSCARD. All cards will automatically be linked together by your household address for savings purposes. Multiple BONUSCARDS registered to the same address are considered one household. Therefore, when running an Extra Rewards points promotion, all points will be earned and/or redeemed together.

Will you share the information gathered on my BONUSCARD application?
MARTIN’S believes in protecting the confidentiality of customer information in accordance with our customers' wishes and applicable laws. Our complete privacy policy is available here.

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